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2023 TMM Awards Winners

The Mum Marketplace Awards is thrilled to announce its' 2023 GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE winners.

Are hearts are so full and it has been an absolute pleasure. Huge thank you to our incredible judges, industry experts, real mamas, influencers and each and every parent who home tested. Because of all, this is possible. We can not wait to celebrate the results with our finalists in Jan 2024!


Congratulations again, please scroll down and see the finals list! 


For the Breastfeeding Mum 


Best Breastfeeding Product

Jorgen House - Magnetic Bra - GOLD

BellaMoon Nursing Nest - SILVER

Breast Dressed - Etta Jumpsuit - BRONZE


Boobix Lactation Cookie 

Bennie Blooms - Luxe Bloom Breastfeeding fiddle necklace


Best Breastfeeding Bra

Jorgen House - The Magnetic Bra - GOLD

Hotmilk lingerie - Embrace Leak-proof Nursing Bra - SILVER

Hotmilk Lingerie  - Heroine Plunge Nursing Bra - BRONZE


Latched Breastfeeding Sports Bra

Hotmilk Lingerie - Enlighten Nursing Bra

Six Studio - The Florence Bra 


Best Breastfeeding Sleep Bra

Jorgen House - The Sleep Bra - GOLD

Six Studio - The Florence Bra - SILVER 

Cake Maternity - BRONZE 


Best Breastfeeding Pillow

bbhugme Nursing Pillow - GOLD

DockATot La Maman Wedge - SILVER

Hippychick Feeding Pillow - BRONZE


Best Breastfeeding Cover

Bellamoon Nursing Cover - GOLD

Tinzi's XL Muslin - SILVER

Bon and Bear - The Chicago Loop Breastfeeding Cover Leopard Print - BRONZE


Seraphine - Two-Tone Maternity and Nursing Shawl Wrap 


Best Breastfeeding Top

Cari Maternity Satin Cami Tops with discreet zips for breastfeeding - GOLD

Juno Jack - The Juno - Long Sleeve Breastfeeding Mama Top - SILVER

Seraphine- Mock Shirt Maternity & Nursing Shirt - BRONZE 


Best Wireless Breast Pump

Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump - GOLD

Wren Hands Free Double Breast Pump - SILVER 

Pippeta The Pippeta Pump- BRONZE





Best Electric Breast Pump

Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump - GOLD

Wren Electoral Breast Pump - SILVER

Elvie Wireless Breast Pump - BRONZE


For the Bottlefeeding Mum 


Best Anti-Colic Bottle

Nanobebe - Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle - GOLD

Dr Browns - Options + Anti-Colic Glass Bottle - SILVER 

Mam- Easy Start - BRONZE 


For the Eco-Mum 


Best Cloth Nappy

Modern Cloth Nappy - Pearl Pocket All-In-One Reusable Nappy Range - GOLD

EcoNaps 2.0 Cloth Nappy Value Set - SILVER 

Kit & Kin Reusable Cloth Nappy - BRONZE


Best Sustainable Children Clothes Brand

SuperLooper - GOLD

Eco-Able - SILVER

The Simple Folk - BRONZE 


Bamboo Baby

Vild House Of Little 


Best Sustainable Brand 

Jorgen House - GOLD

The Bamboo Baby Company - SILVER 

Silver-Guard - BRONZE 





For the Mum-to-be 


Best Maternity Brand 

Jorgen House - GOLD

Breast Dressed - SILVER

Cari Maternity - BRONZE 



Bump & Milk 


Best Maternity Bra

Six Studio - The Rosa Bra - GOLD

Jorgen House - The Lounge Bra - SILVER

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, Black - BRONZE



Cake Maternity


Best Maternity Activewear 

Jorgen House - Maternity set - GOLD

Latched UK Sports Bra and Leggings - SILVER 

Natal Active Luxe Maternity & Postnatal Leggings - BRONZE 


Mama Essential 


Best Pregnancy Pillow

BellaMoon (3-in-1) Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow - JOINT GOLD

Bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow - JOINT GOLD

Mini Camp Pregnancy Pillow - SILVER 

Natty Pregnancy Pillow - BRONZE 


Best Pregnancy Product

Bellamoon 3 in 1 Pregnancy Pillow - GOLD 

Rock Me Momma Bits Mist - SILVER 

The Zip Us In Jacket Expander Panel - BRONZE


The Birth-ed Online Course 

The Naked Doula 

Alex Beaumont Photography - Newborn Photography Gift Voucher

Hypnobirthing With Hannah - Pregnancy Relaxation Kit


Best Pregnancy Skincare 

Rachael Saidi - Artio Skincare - GOLD

Herbal Gardens Detoxifying Night Brightening Serum - SILVER 

Rock Me Momma - Bits Mist - SILVER


Nay Daya - Body Blitz Oil 


Mama mio 


Best Hospital Bag

Tiba & Marl Raff Holdall Change Bag - GOLD

Finsson Eda Eco Holdall - SILVER 

Jem and Bea - Jemima Change bag - BRONZE 


Little Luggage - Recycled Polyester Weekend Tote Bag


Best Pregnancy App

Peanut - GOLD

Baby2 Body - SILVER 

Bounty - BRONZE 


For the Mum-on-the-Move 


Best Carrier

BabyDink Newborn Carrier - GOLD

Freerider - SILVER

Zip Us In - The Cardigan - JOINT BRONZE

Hippychick Hipseat - JOINT BRONZE


Best Changing Bag 

Tiba & Marl - Elwood - GOLD

Jem + Bea - Jemima Tote Bag - SILVER 

Storksak Changing Bag - BRONZE

Best Pram Bag

Tiba & Marl - Nova - GOLD

Jem + Bea XL Teddy Changing Bag, Fawn - SILVER 

Baby Mel Stroller Bag Eco Fawn - BRONZE


Best Travel Accessory 

Snoozeshade Plus Deluxe - GOLD

Sleepytroll Baby Rocker - SILVER

Nappy Wallet - Niamhs Neverland Limited - JOINT BRONZE

Little Luggage - Recycled Polyester Packing Cube Set - JOINT BRONZE


Jilly Tots Pram Tag 

Bennie Blooms - Toffee Dream Breastfeeding and Teething Necklace

Babyatiors Sunglasses


For the C-Section Mum 


Best C-Section Brand

360 Mama - GOLD

Naya Daya - SILVER 

360 Mama - BRONZE




My expert midwife 


Best C-Section Scar Product 

So Kind - Love Lines - GOLD

Artio Skincare - SILVER

Naya Daya - BRONZE


For Playtime


Best Wooden Toy 

Little Stories Woodland Friends Play, Build & Stack Blocks - GOLD

Little Dutch Portable Wooden Doll House - SILVER 

The Cosy Baby - Wooden Toy Mobile - BRONZE


Best Soft Doll Or Toy 

ThreadBear Design - Beau, Bella, Baba - GOLD

Avery Row Woodland Doll - SILVER

Conscious Craft - BRONZE 


Best Sensory Toy

Etta Loves - Sensory Grasp ball - GOLD

Ralphie Bear - Multi Textured Teething Ring - SILVER

Etta Loves - Sensory Hanging Squares - BRONZE


Best Activity Toy 

Connetix - GOLD

Tots Play Time - I - Spy Out & About Cards - SILVER

BeeCrayative Crayons - BRONZE


The Bambino Club - Softplay Hire Company

Little Dutch

Pria and Peanut 

For Home and Nursery 


Best Organisational Product

Whynter Springs Nappy Caddy - GOLD

The Little Luggage Company - Re